Monday, April 20, 2015

A new Thunderous Cookie Club Romance

Valerie Mann is adding to the Cookie Club world with her amazing Thunderstruck,

Between her part-time job as a preschool teacher for the local coven children, and proud new owner of the Blessed Bee bakery, Tamsin Riley has no time for anything but the occasional catnap and an organic power bar. Finding The One isn’t on her radar, and that’s perfectly fine. He’d never be able to keep up with her anyway. 

As the illegitimate son of the thunder god Thor, Raiden Alexander has had his fair share of rejection, but never by the opposite sex. He likes the playboy lifestyle he’s cultivated for the last couple of centuries, and the last thing he’s interested in is settling down—unless it’s between a beautiful woman’s thighs. Becoming guardian of his four year-old nephew, Roman, puts a crimp in Raiden’s love life, but he can handle temporary abstinence for the kid’s sake. That is, until he meets Roman’s teacher. 

Sparks fly and thunder rolls each time Tamsin and Raiden come near each other. But how long before lightning finally strikes…and what happens then?

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